The Dressmaking Process

IMG_2052Free Consultation

At the initial consultation Natasha will meet you in person to discuss your design ideas as well as look over fabric samples, colours and trimmings. Whether you have something specific in mind or really don’t know where to start, Natasha will help to formulate and develop your ideas as well as advise you on the best fabrics to use.

The Designs

Once we have built up a picture of the kind of dress you would like, Natasha will come up with some design sketches and tweak them until you feel happy with the look.

The Quote

After you have approved the designs you will then receive a quote for your gown. The quote will incorporate the drawing up of designs, creation of the dress pattern and the toile, fittings, the cutting & making of the dress, plus the cost of the fabric, haberdashery and trimmings.

The Toile

If you are happy with the quote,  Natasha will take your body measurements and use them to make up a toile (or mock-up) of the dress. This will usually be in a cheaper fabric, similar to the weight and the look of your chosen fabric.  The toile fittings are a very important part of the dressmaking process, not only to ensure the style and fit of the pattern is perfect, but also to make any design alterations, should you change your mind about how you want something to look.

The Dress!

After the toile fittings comes the exciting bit – making the dress! Natasha will make up the dress and then invite you for more fittings until everything is perfect.  Feel free to bring along excited mums, bridesmaids or anyone else to share in the fun!


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